Saturday, February 24, 2024

Phillips Backyard Weekender apologizes for balloons found in ocean


Phillips. Love you all but let’s cut out using helium balloons from now on eh? These were the 6th and 7th I found floating in our oceans near Race Rocks lighthouse.

Philips Brewery and Atomique Productions have issued an apology, and say future events will be balloon-free after several whale watching boats began finding helium balloons in the ocean near Race Rocks after the event this past weekend.
“First of all our sincere apologies for the delay in response here—our social media team was taking a well-deserved rest. We did put some balloons out, secured in bunches at the front gates and we really thought we had managed to collect them all post-festival, (we did not purposely release any balloons) but WE HEAR YOU. We are so sorry and sad to find out that any made it out into the water, and we are proud to announce that Phillips Backyard Weekender is from this point forward a balloon free festival.”

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