Image: VicPD

Victoria Police are warning the public after skimming devices were found on three separate ATM machines in high-traffic areas around Victoria.

These card skimmers, which are placed over top of regular card input slots, collect financial data from credit and debit cards and pass this information to fraudsters.

“Unless you look for certain tell-tale signs, a lot of people don’t realize that they’re putting their card through a skimmer,” said Detective Sgt. Derek Tolmie

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One of these skimmers also had a pinhole camera which collected hours of PIN data.

Police won’t identify which ATM’s were hit to protect the ongoing investigation, just that they were privately-owned machines in high-traffic tourists areas.

Anyone who uses a private ATM can test for a skimmer by pulling on the card reader. If it’s easily removed or has glue on it, it’s likely a skimming device – and you’ve uncovered a fraud attempt.

“If it comes off, you’ve got a skimmer. These don’t come off easily, if it’s legitimate,”  Tolmie said.

Police say if you find a skimmer to contact them immediately and try not to touch it.


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