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Dog stolen from outside a Nanaimo store found wandering Parksville


Molly the puppy who was stolen at the Port Place Shopping Centre in Nanaimo is back home after being found wandering in Parksville.

The dog, a rottweiler mix, was reported stolen on July 10th.  Molly had been tied to a bench while the family was inside London Drugs.  When they returned to check on her 15 minutes later, Molly was gone.

Surveillance video showed a man unknown to the family take off with the dog on a bike.

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According to police, a suspect was identified. He was arrested on outstanding charges, but did not admit to stealing the dog.

Molly’s owner was contacted last week by City of Nanaimo officials who told her Molly had been found in Parksville and was being cared for.

Nanaimo RCMP said the woman who found Molly, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Molly had wandered into her backyard about two weeks ago. She said other than being thirsty and looking a little thin, she did not appear to have been mistreated.

The woman called the number on Molly’s tag and was told of Molly’s ordeal and within 24 hours Molly was turned over to a very grateful owner.

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