"Bandida" a pit bull mauled by a cat whose owner did not try to get the feline under control, photo via Javiera Rodriguez

On Monday night, Javiera Rodriguez and her dog Bandida were along for a walk around the Mt. Tolmie area with the dog group, “Pit Bulls of Victoria BC.” According to Rodriguez there were seven dogs who all get along well. On their way back, as they passed a house, things changed suddenly.

Rodriguez recounts that while the owner was gardening, her cat suddenly came out of the bushes swiping at all seven dogs. “The cat specifically went after my dog,” Rodriguez tells Victoria Buzz, “The woman never tried to keep her cat away from our dogs who were minding their own business.”

The cat also injured a friend who spent the night at Jubilee hospital, while Rodriguez and Bandida, her face covered in scratches, attended Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital.

On Tuesday morning Rodriguez called Saanich, to report the attack. She was apparently informed that unfortunately Saanich is the one municipality that does not have a cat bylaw.

“My concern is what if that cat attacks again? What if it was my “pit bull” that would’ve attacked that cat, or even worst what if my dog would’ve killed that cat to defend herself? Of course Saanich would be at my door deeming my dog dangerous and possibly putting her down,” a frustrated Rodriguez tells us.

Bandida is on the mend physically today, “She is very needy of attention and cuddles. Her face is really itchy but she’s a good girl. She’s definitely not being her full self but I’m sure that won’t last too long,” says her owner.

Last month Bandida won the coveted “Official Dogs of Victoria 2017 Calendar” People’s Choice cover photo.

Via Dogs of Victoria Facebook Page
Via Dogs of Victoria Facebook Page

Rodriguez returned to the home of the cat owners and explained to them that Bandida had to be taken to Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital, handing them the bill for the damages their cat had caused, which they paid.

She was told that they will keep the cat indoors from now on.

We attempted to contact Saanich Pound for information regarding the District of Saanich Animals Bylaw but were unable to reach anyone for a comment.

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