Image: Victoria Flamenco Festival 2015

Victoria’s Centennial Square is exploding with the passion and rhythm of flamenco music and dance this week!

For the fourth year in a row,  Victoria’s Flamenco Festival, a dynamic and diverse seven day dance and music festival will be performing at various venues throughout the city, including free outdoor flamenco music and dance at Centennial Square everyday this week at noon.

The festival is on until August 7, and will showcase local and regional dancers, singers and guitarists collaborating to bring their love of this fiery art form to the stage in the Square.

Be inspired at the mid-week por fiesta lunch-hour performances, and invigorated on Saturday and Sunday afternoons with the powerful line-up of local, regional, emerging and professional flamenco artists.

The event runs from August 1 – 7. For more event details, visit the Victoria Flamenco Festival website.

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