Police are reminding motorist that pets should never be allowed to sit on the driver’s laps; this following an accident in Nanaimo that left a family pet in life threatening condition.

The accident happened on Thursday, at the intersection of Wilgress and Northfield Road.

A Toyota Tundra driven by a male, with a family dog and female passenger in the vehicle, failed to properly stop at the intersection. An oncoming Ford Ranger, driven by a single occupant, collided with the Tundra, causing the airbags to deploy and striking the animal.

The small lap dog was sitting on the driver’s lap of the Tundra when the vehicles collided. The family dog remains in critical condition with significant internal injuries.

“Pets should never be allowed to sit on driver’s laps.  It can lead to the driver becoming distracted and puts the animal in harm’s way,” said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

There were no reported injuries to the drivers or passengers involved in the accident. The driver of the Tundra was issued with a violation ticket for failing to yield after a stop.

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