A songwriter to the core, this girl feels deeply.  We had lunch together at Nourish Kitchen & Cafe and chatted about her perspective on life, getting over relationships and how it’s all shaped her into the woman she is today.  Her self titled release came out this past June and is chock full of songs about moving through the crazy times, onward and upward to a self actualized state of awareness and strength.

  1. Authenticity.  She’s a grounded acoustic guitar player with powerhouse, textured vocals and lyrical rawness.  Starting off her career in electro-pop, Kaylee has revisited her classic rock roots with this release to build authentically written layered pop anthems connected with powerful electronic elements.
  1. Empowerment. Though her songs are lyrically dense and speak of heartache and pain, Kaylee’s music leaves you feeling satisfyingly uplifted.  She writes from a positive place with a fresh outlook, taking on the challenges of life and knowing that if she wants to empower her listeners, she first has to feel empowered.
  1. Vulnerability and playing sideways on Facebook.  Kaylee performed her song, “Getting Over You” in a live Facebook post for Victoria Buzz today.  It was absolutely fantastic, however, the video was posted sideways.  Kaylee just laughed it off and it spun us into a conversation about the pressures we all face to be perfect and how vulnerability is so much more real, beautiful and captivating than perfection.

Kaylee is the real deal, is full of energy and damn that voice!  Everyone in the room had shivers when she played and we can’t wait to see her perform this weekend at Rifflandia 2016.  Catch Kaylee play The Victoria Event Centre Saturday, Sept 17th at 9:30pm.

You can pick up her EP at the show or on iTunes.

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