Held in their parents' arms, Princess Charlotte and Prince George take a closer look at a balloon artist at work Photo by Reuters/Jonathan Hayward

The grounds of Government House were transformed into a petting zoo and an idyllic playground for a Royal play date with Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

The young royals clearly enjoyed themselves petting sheep, rabbits and miniature horses that were in a white picket fence enclosure.

Charlotte was clearly enthralled with the pastel coloured balloon archway. She batted and hugged the balloons. She also petted and sat on Moose, a Golden retriever-poodle cross dog, that works as a cancer therapy dog.

George spent much of the party at a bubble blowing table with his father. At one point he held a squirt gun that shot out bubbles while William waved bubble wand creating huge bubbles.

The family, William, Kate, Charlotte and George also gathered around a balloon-maker who twisted out animal shapes for the Royal children. George held one of the balloons.


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