"Found this in a bottle on a beach near Trial Island. Does anyone know Mia? Mia this is for you!!" Image: Sandra Twin

A Victoria woman, who stumbled upon a romantic message in a bottle is hoping to pass along what appears to be an ode to “Mia.”

On Monday, Sandra Twin spotted what looked like a note in a bottle floating by a rocky area off a beach near Trial Island.

Image: Sandra Twin
Image: Sandra Twin

She wasn’t certain if the bottle was going make it to shore, or stay out in the ocean, so she waited a while and sure enough the tide brought it in.

“Honestly I wasn’t sure if I should grab it or leave it for someone else,” Twin tells Victoria Buzz.

“I was excited and a little leery because I thought that I would have to follow through with whatever the letter said or asked. You just never know what could be written and I wasn’t sure I would be ready for that kind of commitment,” she added with a laugh.

When she opened it, she found a message written for “Mia.”

“I think it’s a love letter or poem, maybe of unrequited love. You just never know what you will find at the ocean’s edge.”

It reads:

“She was alighted from afar.
A warm brightness.
Only a similar soul could recognize her.
We spoke in the old languages long before talking of love.
We have overlapped our rays so perfectly before that every touch now is a memory caught fire.
She remembered my heart and learned my name much after.
I love Mia.
Please tell her.”

Though it’s not clear when the note was written, Twin is hoping somehow the mystery Mia will see it and recognize herself in the passage.

Image: Sandra Twin

Image: Image: Sandra Twin
Image: Sandra Twin

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