Things got a little windy on Saturday at Royal Athletic Park but that didn't stop party goers from having a good time! Image: Colin Smith Photography

The Royal Athletic Park was buzzing with life today with a range of music sure to set any music lover’s heart on fire. The day began with The Choir, a local community choir based out of Larson Music who’s performed at Rifflandia for the past three years. Cheers to our local musicians! We’re proud of you.

Foxglove was next on our radar showcasing gorgeous melodies and harmonies, you’d swear you heard angels singing. Next up was No Sinner, Moontricks, The Zolas and Victoria favourite, Band of Rascals. Post-show, we caught up with Rascals lead singer, Sam Trainor at The Park catching up with some very excited kid fans and posted a photo of the three on our Victoria Buzz Instagram.

The genre-bending Coleman Hell gave festivalgoers a stage full of creative curiosity and bro and sis duo Tennyson continued to lure crowds into new experiences with their out of the box musical style phenomenon.

Band of Skulls was the next stop in our journey and they’re everything you want in a rock band: solid, gritty, honest and bad-ass-nasty-good. Heavy songs that woo you into a world where Band of Skulls rules with golden guitars.

The Beatnuts and Jurassic 5 got the crowds moving, arms raised in solidarity to thick beats and a whirlwind of rhymes and bombastic energy.

Victoria Buzz caught up with Kaylee Johnston on Friday for a chat and exclusive acoustic performance at Nourish Kitchen & Cafe. Her music boasts soaring vocals over sugar infused electro pop-rock. With more pizazz than an actual pack of pop-rocks, Kaylee jumped up to dance on a speaker during her Saturday night Victoria Event Centre performance in skyscraper heels, sang her guts out and enticed the crowd to join her party. They enthusiastically obliged and the whole place was in a dancing uproar. The crowd was psyched for Kaylee’s performance as well as Fake Shark and JPNSGRLS that night – the place was packed and there was a line out the door waiting for a chance to catch these stellar bands.

Alex Goolden Hall is by far the most serene and beautiful venue and with neon lights and a touch of atmospheric fog, the stage was set for Caveboy. Their base driven, silvery synth, dance in your comfy Alex Goolden seat songs hung in the air amidst hauntingly emotive melodies that swooped over theatrical musical themes. Gorgeous music, simply put.

The evening blazed on with bands, solo acts and DJs all over town at the best music spots our city is proud to showcase. The streets were filled with concert attendees moving as fast as they could to catch the next show before the venues reached capacities. What a night! Like all good flings, Rifflandia has to come to an end and today we’re savouring every last moment at The Royal Athletic Park. We’ll see you there.


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