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Top 10 moments from Rifflandia 2016 in photos


A picture is worth a thousand words, so without further ado, here are Victoria Buzz photographer Colin Smith’s top 10 favorite Rifflandia 2016 moments captured on camera:

1010 – Friends showing up in the most amazing costumes.

99 – Okay, it’s the costumes again.

88 – During the second song of De La Souls performance, they asked all the photographers in the photo pit to put their cameras down and join them in “waving our hands in the air!” 

77 – Being able to catch Entangados final show in Canada at Anian late Saturday night.


6 – Every year is a special treat to watch my personal favorite local act Jesse Roper fill the Atrium with his stunning guitar sounds.

5 –
The final song with kids jumping off the drum kit riser for Jesse Roper’s set at Royal Athletic Park.


4 – Michael Franti pulling up a young fan on stage to sing and dance with him.

33 – Beach BALLS!!!!

22 – I was not expecting the deep emotions from the fabulous Shane Koyczan, which was a warm welcome to the Sunday afternoon.

11 – My absolute favourite moment of Rifflandia 2016 was the silent crowd during Shane Koyczans set. In a time when so many of us are glued to our phones (I’m guilty too) the crowd paid particularly close attention to Shane’s words, hugged and cried with each other – it was beautiful!

Colin Smith
Colin Smith
Concert/Festival photographer for Victoria Buzz. I cover local concerts, events and If there is something spooky happening around town, you bet I will be there!

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