Written by Nadim Hejeili for Victoria Buzz

At last, Victoria has its very own WILD WATER Festival with films, events, and talks about extreme water sports, adventure, and marine life. Hosted by the Victoria Film Festival, the WILD WATER Festival is happening September 22nd  – 25th, 2016.

  • Learn how to build a life & career as an adventurer with Grant Callegari, the man who made it happen!
  • Support the Surfrider Foundation with a silent auction.
  • Bring your kids (or nephews & nieces) to discover the marine life around our beautiful island with free interactive activities.
  • And when we say ‘extreme sports films’, we mean breathtaking moments! Here are the top 7 photos from movies playing at the WILD WATER Festival:

wild-water-festivalThe Weekend Sailor by Bernardo Arsuaga

In 1973, when the first sailing race around the world is launched, an inexperienced Mexican family faces top crews from all nations – and wins!

wild-water-festival-2View From A Blue Moon by Blake Kueny

Taking surfing to the extreme, the Hawaiian surfer John Florence travels the world and rides gigantic waves. Filmed in 4K, every frame is a stunning truer-than-life shot.

wild-water-festival-3Diving Into The Unknown by Juan Reina

A team of cave divers explores an uncharted underground waterway, when the worst possible accident happens and traps two of them. All the while being filmed. Did we mention it’s a documentary? It is not based on a true story – it is a true story.

wild-water-festival-4Chasing Niagara by Rush Sturges

Rafa Ortiz decides to kayak down the Niagara Falls. Preparing for that mission takes him on a three-year journey from the rainforest rivers of Mexico, to the towering waterfalls of the U.S. Northwest. Until the only thing standing between him and his dream is Niagara itself.

wild-water-festival-5Michigan Ice Film by Aaron Peterson

Discover the intensity and spirit at one of the least known meccas for ice climbing. Explore the massive ice curtains hanging over the shores of Lake Superior, one climb at a time.

wild-water-festival-6It Ain’t Pretty by Dayla Soul

Surfing women find new tides and conquer a male-dominated sport in San Francisco Bay. Breaking stereotypes like they break the crest of waves.

Sonic Sea by Michelle Dougherty and Daniel Hinerfeld.

Marine pollution isn’t always visible; one of the most dangerous kinds is noise pollution. The cacophony our activity generates is taking its tol on marine life.

Discover these movies and more at www.wildwaterfestival.ca from September 22 to 25.