Saanich police arrested a youth on the University of Victoria campus after an indecent act.

Police say he is now being investigated in a number of similar incidents.

Saanich police said a young woman was walking on a well-travelled trail near Gordon Head Road, when a young man yelled at her from near some bushes. When she turned to look, she saw him masturbating.

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Campus Security were called and were able to locate the suspect and detain him until Saanich Police arrived.

Investigators are now recommending one charge of performing an indecent act.

Saanich police received two similar complaints on Saturday evening, and additional charges could be coming.

“The University of Victoria Campus Security does an excellent job at ensuring the safety of their students, facility and staff.”  A/Sgt. Jereme Leslie said.  “The University of Victoria and the Saanich Police have an outstanding working relationship.  The security officers quickly identified and located the suspect, then contacted us immediately.”


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