Photo via Inn at Laurel Point

Once again, this coming Thursday, the brave staff of Inn at Laurel Point will face the “battle of pies” for the fifth annual Pie-in-the-Face, all to help raise money for the United Way of Greater Victoria.

Staff have the option of paying $2 for one throw, $5 for three throws, or $15 for 10 throws. A close-up throw is also available for $5. The pies are made of actual whipping cream unlike other events that use shaving cream!

Last year, through the Pie-in-the-Face and other fundraising initiatives, they raised more than $12,132 for the United Way of Greater Victoria.

The public is welcome to watch!

When: Thursday Oct. 27, from 3 to 4 p.m.
Where: AURA patio, Inn at Laurel Point, 680 Montreal St.