The drive-thru lanes at the “original” Saanich McDonald’s will be twinned next year, in order to serve more customers, and speed order pick-ups.

Although the lanes will merge into one, it’ll still serve that stated goal, as well as creating less idling for cars, according to today’s Saanich News.

There are a handful of people opposed to the idea, but Councillor Vic Derman said there’s not only a problem there for McDonald’s, but for the area, with traffic on Church Avenue.  “The unfortunate result is this could encourage more traffic at the drive-thru, but for now it’s a problem that needs to be dealt with,” he said.

Accroring to Saanich News, McDonald’s will add a new bench along Church Avenue,  additional bike racks in the area, a pedestrian crossing sign for the drive-thru’s crosswalk, safety bollards between the drive-thru lane and parking, and will heighten the fence by 1.2 metres between the drive-thru and Gore Peace Memorial Park, which sits between McDonald’s and Shelbourne Street.

The desicion to allow McDonald’s to move forward was unanimous by Saanich Council.

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