TELUS smart fridge image via TELUS

Victoria Buzz was invited to check out the TELUS Future Home this weekend at the Westshore Town Centre.  The technology seemed straight out of a sci-fi and a stretch for the imagination – until we got a tour and found out how simple, intuitive and very real it all is.

Picture this, an open field primed and ready for possibilities.  TELUS has laid the groundwork with their PureFibre network, opening up opportunities for brilliant and creative innovators to build their playgrounds – and we’re the ones who get to play on it all!

Jonathan Glover, TELUS Regional Marketing Manager says of the project, “TELUS has put in the infrastructure to make technology accessible to the general public.”  They’ve upped the ante for creativity in their 585 sq. ft. Future Home by showing what’s available now and what can be right around the corner.

Let’s talk about how it all works.  PureFibre Technology is made up of tiny, glass strands, the size of human hair.  These small strands use light to transmit data much faster than other wires, and are stronger and more reliable, allowing for new innovations that homes can now handle.  TELUS has released that they’re investing in around 40 million dollars to make sure Victoria and the surrounding area is able to connect to the PureFibre network.

You’ve got to see it to believe it.  The TELUS Future Home is stocked with the latest including from Samsung, Nokia, Withings and IBM to aid in making home life run more smoothly. From facial recognition features and keyless entry, to keeping up with schedules, package deliveries, grocery lists, planning what’s for dinner and how to cook it, home exercise, digital art, health awareness and so much more.

Our personal favourite was the fridge that not only took account of all food items inside, but also gave suggestions of what to make for dinner based on what was inside, then sent the information over to the stove which gave step-by-step instructions on how to prepare it. After a day of work and family life, being creative every night for dinner just sometimes isn’t possible, this kitchen might just be your best helper. Samsung has already begun making a fridge much like this prototype, that Telus customers would be able to own.

If you’d like to experience the Telus Future Home, it’s open:

Where: The Westshore Town Centre parking lot, 2945 Jacklin Rd.
When: now until November 13th, from 10 AM – 6PM

Where: The Panorama Recreation Centre, 1884 Forrest Park Drive in North Saanich
When: November 17th – 20th, from 11 AM – 7 PM

Swing by for a tour and enter to win a 55” Samsung UHD LED Smart TV (retail value $1,600), a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 LTE 9.7 (retail value $600) and a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (retail value $850)!

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