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Where did Captain Cook go?


Locals and visitors have been wondering what happened to the statue of Captain James Cook. The effigy has been in the Inner Harbour for 40 years, but is now gone.

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority explains that Captain Cook will be spending the next couple of months with sculptor Nathan Scott for some repairs and refurbishment. He should be back on his perch across from the Empress Hotel by January 2017.

This bronze statue was commissioned by the Victoria Environmental Enhancement Foundation and was unveiled on July 12, 1976.

The inscription reads:
After two historic voyages to the South Pacific, Cook was cruising the waters of the Pacific Northwest on his third and final voyage with his two ships, Resolution and Discovery. He was searching for the Western exit to the legendary Northwest Passage. In March 1778, they put into Nootka Sound for repairs and to trade with the native people. With him on the voyage were Mr. William Bligh as Master of the Resolution and Midshipman George Vancouver.

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