Want to make new friends, maybe meet a single, but also get fit and healthy? There’s an app for that!

With an interface similar to the online dating app Tinder, 5F has over 100 different activities to choose from and then match with like-minded friends you haven’t met yet.

Create a profile, and then select your favorite activities, choosing 4 different skill levels including “Want to try” beside “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Expert.” The more activities you choose the better your chances of matching up.

Then set the parameters of who you want to meet based on age, gender, sport and location. 


Simply tap the thumbs up to connect with someone. Both users have to tap the thumbs up before you will connect and be able to chat within the app. If you’re not interested in one user, just tap the thumb down to delete them from your stack.


Once mutually connected, you can chat right from within the app to make plans for your next workout or adventure!


Urs Camenisch, Founder of 5F was working as an Air Ambulance Pilot for the BC Air Ambulance service where he saw people get transported with illnesses that could have been prevented with regular exercise, “I am hoping to make a small difference with this app. 5F is for you even if you have never done a particular activity.” 

5F is available on iOS, for free. With an Android version in the works.