International Buskers Festival 2015, photo by Doug Clement Photography

For six years, the International Buskers Festival has attracted locals and visitors to the downtown core. Executive director John Vickers was told this month however, that the $40,000 in funding from Tourism Victoria wouldn’t be renewed. He has started a GoFundMe campaign, with a goal of matching the lost funds.

This week, the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) announced that it is launching a Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival, with the financial support of the association’s partners: Tourism Victoria, the Hotel Association of Greater Victoria and the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

Back in October, the four organizations released a new strategy, that would improve accountability and resource allocation, while allowing them to support each other on common initiatives.

If both festivals apply for a city grant, the applications would be heard in January and Mayor Helps has confirmed council would only be able to approve one.

The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival will run from July 11-16.

The International Buskers Festival is from July 14-23.