For the first time, Oliver is the top name for boys born in B.C., according to the Vital Statistics Agency.

For the past five years, Emma and Olivia have been the top two names for girls born in B.C. and for the year 2015, Emma takes the prize and Olivia drop to second place. Rounding out the top five names for girls born in the province in 2015 was Emily, Sophia, and Ava.

For baby boys born in 2015, the remaining top five names include Ethan, Liam, Benjamin and Lucas.

The top names list is traditionally based on the exact spelling of names. However, when looking at different spellings of the same name, there are some new additions.

For girls, the top five names are Emma, Olivia, Sophia/Sofia, Emily/Emilee/Emilie and Amelia/Emelia/Emilia. For boys, the top five names are Jackson/Jaxon/Jaxson, Lucas/Lukas, Oliver, Ethan, and Liam.

Only names whose frequency occurs five or more times are listed.

There were 44,405 babies born in B.C. in 2015, consisting of 22,819 boys and 21,586 girls.

Preliminary statistics from Jan. 1, 2016, to Dec. 12, 2016, show that for babies born in 2016, the top name for boys is Lucas and the top name for girls is Olivia. Final statistics will not be available until later in 2017.

20 most popular boy names:

Oliver 217 Ethan 206
Liam 203 Benjamin 201
Lucas 193 Alexander 183
Jacob 183 Mason 177
William 173 Hunter 169
James 167 Logan 166
Owen 163 Noah 158
Carter 141 Nathan 133
Jack 132 Aiden 129
Jackson 125 Jayden 124


20 most popular girl names:

Emma 258 Olivia 256
Emily 183 Sophia 173
Ava 163 Chloe 159
Charlotte 155 Abigail 150
Amelia 140 Ella 133
Hannah 130 Isabella 127
Aria 116 Lily 113
Mia 112 Isla 111
Avery 104 Elizabeth 102
Mila 101 Evelyn 100

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