Saanich Police are investigating a serious assault which occurred the night of December 21 or the morning of December 22.

At 5:30 a.m., Michah McClure, 37, banged on a stranger’s door in the 3300-block of Whittier Avenue. A Saanich resident was awoken, opened the door and McClure barged in asking for help. The resident went to her neighbours home and called 911.

McClure, who is known to police, was able to speak briefly to officers before being taken to Victoria General Hospital.

McClure suffered severe facial and head injuries and is in a medically induced coma.

Police suspect McClure knows the identity of his attacker or attackers and that the assault occurred somewhere and then transported to the Whittier Ave. He was only wearing only lounge pants.

“Investigators do not believe the general public is at risk,” said Saanich police Sgt. John Price. “We do not believe at this stage that this was a stranger-on-stranger attack.”

If anyone has any information regarding this case, they are encouraged to call Saanich Police non-emergency line at 250-475-4321.

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