Spinnakers Brewpub is showing their gratitude to Victoria firefighters by dedicating a new beer to them after the firefighters extinguished a quick-moving blaze last month that could have been much worse if not for firefighters’ fast actions.

The fire broke out during lunch hour on November 23, under the floor of the fireplace located on the second floor. The pub and restaurant have since reopened.

On Thursday, Spinnakers unveiled the newest addition to its lineup of house-brewed beers and had named it Fireman’s Session Thirst Extinguisher.

The can features a drawing of a Victoria firefighter in full gear.

The company said in a press release the beer is, “an expression of our gratitude for the diligence and sensitivity of the dedicated crew who fought a great battle and saved our historic brewpub on “Black Wednesday” November 23, 2016.”

The 4.2 per cent alcohol lager is a hopped up west coast session lager, light in body with a delicate citrus aroma.

Partial proceeds from sales of the beer will go to the Fireman’s Burn Fund, which provides support and services for burn victims in B.C.

The beer will start canning this weekend and will go on sale in 2017.

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