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Baby’s First Peek-A-Boo! 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging in the Comfort of Your Own Home (CONTEST)


No parent can forget the first time they laid eyes on their sweet baby.  Those tiny little hands, cute button nose, itty bitty feet – babies are adorable, and that first glance is pure magic.

Ultrasound technology has advanced from 2D images to give parents a sneak peek inside the womb for 3D and 4D Ultrasound imaging.  Blooming Baby Images of Victoria, BC takes it one step further and not only provides these special moments but will do so in the comfort of your home.  They are the first and only mobile, elective ultrasound provider in the Greater Victoria area.

How it All Began

The idea for mobile ultrasound imaging was birthed from owner Narissa Dougan’s personal experience.  Narissa recalls, “I had a hard pregnancy, and I know that sometimes, it’s just hard to leave the house.”  She wanted to offer Victorians the opportunity to experience 3D Ultrasound Imaging in the most comfortable, relaxing environment possible, surrounded by friends and family, so she began her journey with the proper training and equipment to provide this service.

2D vs. 3D vs. 4D

A 2D Ultrasound is a still image of the little one.  A 3D Ultrasound shows depth to the picture and allows for a closer look at the baby’s features.  A 4D ultrasound takes the technology of a 3D scan to the next level by allowing movement to be seen by providing a series of quick images.  A little wave, facial expression or kick can be quickly picked up and recorded during the 4D portion of the session.

Memorable Keepsakes

Narissa has provided an array of packages providing memorable keepsakes with the images seen during each session.  She travels with a printer for instant photos and also has CDs and USB sticks for saving an array of images and 4D video.  Extra items may be purchased such as cute and cuddly “Heartbeat Animals.”  These little guys are equipped with the ability to keep a recorded sound bite of the baby’s heartbeat so that when hugged, the little one’s heartbeat can be heard.


When is the best time to book a session with Blooming Baby Images?  Narissa says, “Clear and realistic pictures can be captured throughout the whole pregnancy. The best time to do an ultrasound depends on what you want to see. Earlier on the baby is quite small, you can see the whole body, but the face might not be as visible, and they tend to move around a lot. Between 24 and 32 weeks we are more likely to capture the best facial features and detail, and they are still small enough to see some movement. Later on, we can see more details in your baby’s face, and they will look chubbier, but they tend to move less, and are sometimes harder to get good images of depending on their position. Many women elect to have two or more sessions to see their baby at different stages. If you are planning only to have one session, we recommend doing it between 24 and 32 weeks.”


Baby showers are often filled with games, chit chat, and tasty treats, but how fantastic would it be to invite your closest friends and loved ones in on a sneak peek to see the little one?  Blooming Baby Images is available for events such as baby showers; gender reveal parties and family events.  Narissa’s services can also be purchased as a gift to give your loved one a fantastic experience with their little one.

Testimonials from Happy Customers!

“…She [Narissa] offered not to charge me if we couldn’t find the gender, which was totally unexpected (she did find it, though)!  She got a great picture for us even with a stubborn baby!! The ease of being able to do this while laying on your couch is amazing!!” – client Jamie Lee

“It was so special to have both our families there in the comfort of our home for a surprise ultrasound, and gender reveal!  Narissa is friendly, professional and made the experience fun!…” – client Ashly Doughty

Blooming Baby Images sets the stage for a fun, engaging experience with your little one.  Their services are nondiagnostic and provide parents extended time with an early first peek into the womb.  A session with Narissa does not replace the assigned ultrasound(s) requested by your doctor or midwife, and a radiologist or doctor do not review the images.  The purpose is to visually connect with the little person inside and keep a memento of this beautiful time.


To enter to win a Quality Time package with 4D video, do at least one of the following:

  1. Like Blooming Baby Images on Facebook and let us know in the comment below. (1 entry)
  1. For an extra entry, comment below: What is your favourite thing about babies? (1 entry)


Contest closes on February 23, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. PST. We will contact the winner via the means they entered.

The prize package includes 2D gender determination (after 18 weeks) if wanted, a 20 minute 3D/4D session, hearing baby’s heartbeat, all 3D images from the session on a USB, two printed 4×6 photos of your choice to keep and a heartbeat animal of your choice.

You may gift the prize to a friend or family member.  No expiration date.

Visit Blooming Baby Images on Facebook or check out their website for the latest updates, sales, and promotions! Click here to book a session.

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