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The Victoria Royals follow a 4-game homestand with which they collected 3 of a possible 8 points. They begin this week with a 4 game road trip, including 2 in eastern Alberta.

With Valentine’s Day in the rearview mirror, the Royals can finally focus on what’s important: jockeying for position in a tight playoff race.

They currently occupy a wildcard slot which would mean a first-round matchup against one of the top 2 teams in the Western Conference, the Prince George Cougars or Seattle Thunderbirds.

Here are five ways to stay educated, be in the loop, and become a model Victoria citizen by following your Royals.

There’s an app for that!

Welcome to 2017! Unlike the previous 1994 Victoria-based WHL team known as the Cougars, you don’t need a newspaper or radio to follow the team. The Royals’ full-time staff has been working hard to deliver an intuitive way to follow the squad, and they’ve hit the nail on the head.

The tabs in the app are perfect: a roster with statistics, a schedule, and of course the standings. It’s the simplest way to check in on the squad. By my count, a singular tap gets you to the standings, and one well-placed index finger will get you to the schedule as well.

I know it’s a fast-paced world out there, but everyone’s got time for a tap or two.

Their nice, well-put together calendar schedule

This link right here will put you directly on the Royals schedule. For many fans, following the team is having a gander at the schedule, noting when they’re playing at Save-On again, and getting out and supporting the team. If that’s you, save that link, pop it on your home page, and immediately brag to your friends about how you’ve upgraded your status to “model citizen”.

Is there a way to hear or watch the road games?

You bet there is – oh, the innovation! If you’ve got a few bucks kicking around on your credit card, you can purchase a live stream subscription and watch all the remaining games directly on your computer.

Or save a few bucks and tune into the Zone’s live play-by-play of the game on 91.3 FM – or tune in on your computer or mobile device!

Any other great ideas you ask?

You bet! You can follow @victoriaroyals on Twitter. They give you in-game updates, articles on the team, and tidbits of information –  and if twitter isn’t your thing, is your place to go, there’s everything you could have wanted, and way more than 140 characters!

The Royals begin game one of their road trip tonight against Medicine Hat tonight with a 6:05 puck drop. Make sure to tune in!



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