Photo by Sarah Kramer

It was Family Day in BC on Monday, so many people were off for the day and were able to spend time outdoors in the beautiful weather with their families including their pets.

Victoria resident Sarah Kramer knew Willows Beach would be full of dogs making it the perfect time to celebrate the memory of her dog Fergus.

Fergus who recently crossed the rainbow bridge loved Willows Beach, and he and Sarah would go there almost every day during dog season, Sarah said.

We have been going to Willows Beach since Fergus was a puppy. I’ll never forget the first time I took him for a walk there in 2001, and I’ll never forget the last walk either,” Sarah wrote on Facebook.

As a way to honour her dog, she brought a bucket of tennis balls down to the beach on Family Day for other dogs to use. She left a note with the bucket and walked away.

The letter read: “In Memory of Fergus. Fergus played at Willows Beach for 15 1/2 years. Please borrow a ball and play with your dog.

“Cherish every moment…” the note reminded.

Sarah sat on the beach and watched as people read the letter and grabbed a ball to play with their pups.

It was really fun to secretly watch people read about Fergus and then take a ball to play with their dog. Made me weepy in a good way. 💗#fergusforever,” Kramer wrote on Facebook.

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