No good deed goes unpunished, or at least without a warning.

Central Saanich farmer Marko Kardum became a viral sensation during the “Snowmageddon” last night after being pulled over by the police for driving his Zamboni down the street.

Kardum said his intentions were to help clear the road so his Aunt could get her car out the next morning.

“It’s not like I was taking it for a joyride or anything like that,” 32-year-old Kardum told Victoria Buzz.

A concerned citizen phoned the police after seeing Kardum on his Zamboni.

“They (police) were coming because they thought I was making an ice rink,” Kardum said.

But after explaining to the Central Saanich Police that he was merely trying to help his Aunt, the police gave him a friendly warning and escorted him back to his property.

“The driver was very co-operative and had nothing but good intentions in helping clear the snow on the road. There was no damage. He was given a friendly warning and asked to return home, which was close by,” wrote Cpl. Dan Cottingham of the Central Saanich Police Service in an e-mail to Victoria Buzz.

Kardum bought the Zamboni for $300 in an auction. He said that he was only clearing the road 100 feet from his house.

When asked if he’d take the Zamboni for a ride again, Kardum seemed hesitant, “Not sure. Don’t get me wrong; I would love too… [but] the last thing I want to do is upset the police force.”

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Posted by Victoria Buzz on Monday, February 6, 2017