Sunday, April 14, 2024

The evolution of the Victoria Buzz logo



Our logo has changed, but not a lot.  We’re changing, but for the better.

After more than four years with our previous logo, we felt the time was right to create a fresh image.

Over the past week, we have been rolling out our new Victoria Buzz logo on select social media channels, and today we will begin the final roll-out.

The decision to change our logo was not something we took lightly. We thought about the possibility over the past year or two, and after discussing with the team over at MicroBrand, we both agreed, a full makeover wasn’t required, but an evolution of the logo was.

While reminiscent of our past logo, we’re so proud of this new identity and we love what it means and how it represents us as a company.

We hope it resonates with you.


Here are the steps that were taken towards the evolution of the Victoria Buzz logo:

  1. While we loved this logo and always will, it wasn’t always the easiest to work with. The flower in the back demanded too much attention. With “buzz” being an essential part of our brand, it was lost in the petal at smaller formats.

2. In this step, the typography was cleaned up, removing visual noise. The spacing between the font was increased for more legibility. To keep with the playfulness of the logo, a slight arch and rotation was added.

3. BUZZ is an essential part of the brand name and felt it was time to give it more attention. The location and size of the word was changed, and the text was cleaned up to match “Victoria” above.

3. The original flower in the back demanded too much attention and reduced the legibility of the logo as a whole, especially at small sizes. The flower was moved to the right to open up the typography and let it breathe. The flower was integrated with the “ a” to complete the flower and connect with the typography.

…and here we are, the new Victoria Buzz logo:

Mike Kelly
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