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Ordering a pint of beer – local Redditor warns you might be getting ripped off


A local Redditor made the following informative post to the popular discussion board, and has allowed Victoria Buzz to share it with our readers:

I recently ordered a pint of Blue Buck at a bar in town, and as the conversation died a bit, I noticed that the glass it came in doesn’t have a fill marker, as many pint glasses do. You probably recognize the glass:


Image credit: phillipsbeer.com

The glass was filled to about halfway through the lettering, with the rest being head. With this odd shape of glass, a vast majority of the volume is actually in the top ‘half’ of the glass, height wise, so I was wondering if I was by any chance not getting a real pint.

So this nagged the back of my mind for the next few days, and I eventually sent an email to Phillips regarding this, asking them how full that glass needs to be to be 20oz (a Canadian pint) full. They actually went and measured it for me! Apparently, it needs to be filled all the way to the rim.

So, the next time you order a Blue Buck, and see lots of head, you actually have every right to return it and ask for a proper fill. Surprisingly, the federal government regulates this from the office of “Measurement Canada”, and they specifically say:

  • A pint contains 20 fl oz (568 ml) in Canada.
  • The limit of error for 20 fl oz is 0.5 fl oz (the foam (head) is not included in the measurement).

You can check it out here, or even file a complaint, if you feel like ever going that route:

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