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Bright green meteor lights up Vancouver Island skies Thursday night (VIDEO)


Were you one of the lucky ones to see the bright green meteor light up the skies over Vancouver Island at around 9:40 p.m. Thursday night?

People were taking to social media after a meteor flash was spotted in southern British Columbia and western Washington State.

Many Victoria Buzz fans sent us messages wondering what in the world it was.

Mikayla said she was in Esquimalt when she spotted ” the huge flash of greenish blue light in the sky.” While another buzz fan said she spotted it over Island View.

While we couldn’t find any photo or videos locally, Tammy Kwan from Vancouver captured the moment on a dashboard camera. She was driving on Lougheed Highway when she saw “the huge meteor right in front of her eyes.”

The video shows the meteor burning brightly through the atmosphere before burning up.

Michael Lee from Seattle captured the pop and flash of the fireball on his dashcam video:

Chances are the flash was caused by a meteor, but it could also have been a piece of space junk re-entering the atmosphere

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