You may recall us reporting on a story back in December of a skateboarder being struck by a car while in a crosswalk at McKenzie Avenue and the Patricia Bay Highway.

The skateboarder was taken to hospital with serious head injuries, and today, family says it is a miracle he survived.

He is now about to be released from hospital but has very limited mobility due to his injuries. So friends have set up a bottle drive this Saturday to help him and his partner transition into their new lifestyle.

Here is a message Victoria Buzz received from the skateboarder’s girlfriend, Emily Arsenault telling us about her boyfriend Zach’s story:

I’m hoping you have a minute to read this. I promise I’ll try not to make it to long.

The love of my life was hit by a car going 50-60 km/h on December 1 while on his longboard crossing at a crosswalk. He had such minimal brain activity that they said if his family gave the go ahead they would pull the plug. Naturally, everyone said no.

He suffered brain hemorrhaging and tears everywhere in his brain. They said if he somehow pulls through (they doubted it ), he would have the poorest quality of life due to the severity of his brain injuries.

What happened next was a miracle and also very romantic.  Zach awoke just before Christmas with me present – I was begging him to. Two days later he showed awareness to me there as well. But for weeks Zach was very out of it still but would still try and kiss me and hug me despite that. He grew very depressed. You could see it on his face, despite the lack of speech.

Then one day, I happened to be there during his physio, and he showed how much he could do for me. They had never seen him do so well, so they started to do all his therapy with me present. Then one day his voice came back with me present, and it went from one word to “I love you” in a matter of minutes.

He has surpassed all expectations. He still has a long road (learning to walk) and will need 24-hour care for a long time. But he’s going to be okay despite his brain injury.

I’m hoping one day I can marry this man as soon as I can afford to, even if it’s just down at city hall because he is the love of my life.

We are going on two years but have known each other for 8. We lost everything in our accident. Our home. Our furniture. I finally have secured a place for him but money will be beyond tight and Zach requires 24/7 care in his current condition.

My beautiful soul of a friend, Katelyn Fournell, has graciously set up a bottle drive for March 18th in hopes to raise money so we can afford things like groceries.

I won’t be offended if you cannot help but I was wondering if you would maybe have bottles you would be able to donate.

Zach gets out just after this bottle drive, and I just want his transition to be as smooth as possible and stress-free. Thank you for your time!

Emily joined Crash from KiSS 103.1 to talk about their story:


Bottle drive: Relief for Zach

  • When: Saturday, March 18 | 9 AM – 1 PM
  • Where: Bottle Depot at 4261 Glanford Ave

If you’ve got bottles and would like to arrange for someone to pick them up, you can send an email to Katelyn Fournell who is organizing the event.