Victorians tune in to the first episode of the latest season of Big Brother Canada, as local real estate Karen Singbeil settles in with her new housemates.

The 53-year-old mother of 3, Singbeil is originally American and attained Canadian citizenship after living in Victoria for 18 years. Since 1996, she has been a prominent member of the real estate community and is well known for her work across the city.

In her pre-season interviews, Singbeil stressed that her main strengths were her sociable nature, and her ability to strategize and she proved herself to be true to her word on the very first episode.

After going head-to-head with 8 other couples, she colluded with returning co-star Sindy Nguyen and ended up winning the first competition. They were both granted immunity and Karen Singbeil was selected to be the first head of household of the season.

Stick around for the upcoming episodes, because if tonight’s episode has anything to say about this season, Victoria definitely has a strong contender to cheer on!

~ written by Brishti Basu