Missed the Unicorn Frap trend? We’ve got you covered!

Now that Starbucks is officially done with their Unicorn Frappucinos, Instagram lovers have been on the hunt for a new and improved mystical drink – and baristas everywhere spectacularly rose to the challenge!

Behold the Dragon Frappucino – the tastier, more caffeinated, but just as aesthetically appealing sibling of the Unicorn Frap!

You won’t find this creature on the menu, but ask your barista for a green tea frap with vanilla bean powder and some berry cup swirl, and voila! You’ve got yourself a Dragon Frap!

We tried the drink today and must admit that it tastes much better and way less confusing than its unicorn counterpart.

So cheers to the creativity of Starbucks baristas everywhere that ran out of Unicorn Frap ingredients and decided to make something new and infinitely better!


Update: Only select locations are able to offer this drink. Stores are running out of the remaining magical pink powder from the Unicorn Frappuccino.

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