Large bruise on the back of Annie Legris leg. She was walking home at around 8PM when someone threw a rock at her from a 4-door-black sedan with tinted windows. (Annie Legris / Facebook)

This past week, we’ve seen a horrific amount of rocks being thrown at people from moving cars in Duncan and in the North Cowichan area.

The disturbing and violent trend was first seen in Duncan when 67-year-old Gary Cornhill first came forward on Monday night after being hit in the back with a giant rock thrown from a moving car.

The passenger yelled something at the man before he threw the rock, then laughing could be heard as the vehicle drove away.

The same thing happened on Tuesday to Annie Legris who was walking home from dinner at around 8PM when someone threw a rock at her leg from a 4-door-black sedan with tinted windows.

“When I turned back around, I realised what had happened, the car was already quite far away…” says Legris, so again, there were no suspects identified.

We spoke to a representative from the RCMP who confirmed that it is still too early to know whether the incidents were isolated or related to each other.

However, since the stories of the two victims have been on the media, more and more people in Duncan have started coming forward with their own stories of rocks being thrown at them.

We’ve had unconfirmed reports that another person had a rock thrown at him on Sherman Road, the same place where the first incident took place.

“We’re still just trying to garner any further witnesses to the incident and checking areas for surveillance before we can narrow down who was involved. It seems that now that we did the media release there’s more people coming forward in the Duncan and we’re still waiting to see if there will be more,” stated an RCMP spokesperson.

Here’s to hoping the attacks cease, and the perpetrators get caught before they can inflict any further injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to call North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP at 250-748-5522, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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