(Strawberry Vale Co-Op Preschool / Facebook)

The people have spoken, and their wishes have been granted!

Last week, we brought to you the story of Strawberry Vale Co-Op Preschool – one of the many schools that would be affected if School District No. 61 had been able to increase rent by 600% for out of school care properties.

The preschool would have had to close its doors in the upcoming 2017-18 school year, and many others like Strawberry Vale would have been adversely affected as well.

But we are happy to announce that after the school district’s meeting on April 19th, and after the show of support from community members, the implementation of the proposed rental fee increases have been officially delayed!

“It was a unanimous vote by the trustees!!! They were all so supportive of our cause,” reads a statement from Strawberry Vale Co-Op Preschool.

Just goes to show what people can do if they get together to pursue a noble cause!