Can you think of a better way to get motivated to work out than by cuddling baby goats?

We can’t either!

That’s why it’s so easy to understand why ‘Goat Yoga’ has quickly become the new trend sweeping the nation – and now Victorians can take advantage of its benefits too!

Victoria Lavender Farm in North Saanich has just started offering yoga classes with some of their most adorable baby goats. The curious kids climb all over the participants while they perform classic yoga poses!

Their first class on April 22nd was a big hit, and it seems like they will continue these classes for at least the next few months.

According to their Facebook page, “classes are held outdoors in our Oak meadow with the mothers and babies of our Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd who will interact with the students during the class.”

The classes are held for one hour stretches every Saturday and Sunday for the foreseeable future. They are currently charging $25 per class, with a maximum of 25 students per class – this price includes photo ops and baby goat cuddling time!

Pre-registrations are being taken now, so contact them at to reserve yourself a spot today!

(Goat Yoga at Victoria Lavender /Facebook Page)

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