This is Echo. She is available for cuddles and walkies at the UVic law library. (@vudyudy / Twitter)

Who ever heard of a better way to release some stress than by hanging out with a dog?!

But UVic students living on campus aren’t allowed to have pets, and most off-campus students live in apartments or suites that also won’t let them have an animal sidekick.

This is where one genius Associate Professor in the faculty of Law, Andrew Newcombe, steps in.

Andrew has started bringing Echo, his beautiful black Labrador retriever to work everyday, to be signed-out to students at the law library!

During the exam period, students can borrow Echo for up to 30 minutes at a time. She even has her own file at the library, complete with a “bar-k” code and call number.

So if you’re tired of studying and in need of some dire de-stressing, head over to Murray and Anne Fraser building for some one-on-one puppy love!


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