Sunrise over Cadboro Bay on Sunday - complete with shipwreck!(westcoastjes photography / Facebook)

The power of individual voices and actions once again trumps that of official authorities.

The President of the Cadboro Bay Residents’ Association, Eric Dahli, has decided to take it upon himself to clean up a beach that his municipality seems to have neglected.

The residents near this Oak Bay beach are tired of the danger that is presented by 16 abandoned and derelict vessels that have been left on the shore – one of which is the massive steel hull of a houseboat that had once caught fire.

What makes it worse is the view of the pristine neighbouring beaches of Saanich, which have been cleaned up last fall by the Saanich municipality with some help from the provincial government.

The mayor of Oak Bay argues that he has pleaded with the province to help them clean their beaches numerous times, but the city just isn’t large enough and doesn’t have enough resources to undertake the project.

So Eric Dahli, with the help of organizer John Roe is spearheading his own volunteer effort to get rid of the mess.

C-Tow and Ralmax will be present to haul off the garbage and get rid of it appropriately.

It is hoped that hundreds of volunteers will assemble at Cadboro Bay on May 13th and join forces to restore the beach back to its natural state.

If you’re in the area on May 13th, head on down to Cadboro Bay to help your community, meet some new people, and take advantage of the food and entertainment that will be provided!

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