(Rising Appalachia / Atomique Productions)

Spring has finally sprung in Victoria. The sun is out, the sky is blue and all around us the flowers are blooming.

And what, might I ask, goes better with spring than live music? The answer, of course, is nothing.

Everyone needs a spring playlist and what better way is there to create one than to head out to some of the great, upcoming, live music shows in Victoria.

Below are five shows to inspire your ultimate spring playlist.

1) Tall Tree Warm Up Party

• What: It doesn’t get much rowdier than Tall Tree. With four decks, two mixers, festival sound system shakers and some of the hottest DJ’s on the west coast, the Warm Up Party is back and it just keeps getting better. DJs Primitive and Anger will be turning up the heat along with support from Mt. Doyle and Triple XL at this epic party on May 12th. This is the night to go out and get down in May.
• When: Friday, May 12
• Where: Sugar NightClub
• Tickets: $10.00 at the door

2) Tanya Tagaq

• What: Arctic-born artist and improvisational performer Tanya Tagaq returns to Victoria to serenade and shock us with her award-winning contortion of punk, metal and electronic music. Tagaq is both Rifflandia and BreakOut West alumni and has wowed past audiences with her unique voice and the unmatched power of her presence. Her aggressive and passionate follow-up, Retribution, has proven to be a continuation of her challenging, masterful artistic strength.
• When: Monday, May 15
• Where: Sugar NightClub
• Tickets: $28.50

3) Ron Sexsmith

• What: One of the greatest songwriters of his generation, the Toronto-based Ron Sexsmith blows through Victoria on May 17th. Sexsmith has had a prolific career working with some of music’s most sought after producers while making twelve albums full of depth and direction. For his thirteenth album, The Last Rider, Sexsmith held all the cards as producer and thus he has said that this album encompasses his musical vision more than any in the past. With support from Jessica Mitchell, this show is not one to be missed!
• When: Wednesday, May 17
• Where: Alix Goolden Performance Hall
• Tickets: $29.50

4) Rising Appalachia

• What: The Rifflandia alumni, Rising Appalachia return to Victoria again this May to give us those goosebumps we felt at their sold out show in July 2016. They bring to the stage a fierce collection of stories, sounds and music steeped devotion, tradition and history. With support from Dustin Thomas, this promises to be an emotional night of rebirth. Regardless of the stage, Rising Appalachia has stunned audiences across the world with a harrowing amount of passion and blazing presence.
• When: Sunday, May 21
• Where: Alix Goolden Performance Hall
• Tickets: $24.50

5) Fake Shark and guests Little Destroyer

• What: There has been a lot of streamlining going on at Fake Shark headquarters since the band played to huge crowds at Rifflandia last year. They’ve shortened their name and worked to focus and tighten up their unconventional vibe (they call it Freak Pop). Their new album, Heart 2 Heart is a dizzying mix of groovy indie rock with some unexpected twists. With support from fan favourite Little Destroyer, this show promises to become your ultimate spring soundtrack on repeat.
• When: Saturday, May 27
• Where: Lucky Bar
• Tickets: $12.00

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