The fears of every Canadian born before the age of the internet seem to be coming to life.

Living rooms, daycares, churches, workplaces – any location with a security camera could be subjected to the scrutiny of the world wide web.

A Moscow-based website has been uploading the live streams of security cameras that still have their factory-default passwords.

Although the authorities behind the site have not yet responded to a request to be interviewed, their FAQ says that live streams will be removed upon request.

“But remember that your camera still will be available to all internet users that use surveillance camera search software and sites like,” the site warns.

Most of the feeds seem harmless, as they come from security cameras watching parking lots, barns, and inside churches.

But there are also streams from inside daycares and people’s living rooms, showing children and family members in their private homes.

The videos on the site cover several Canadian cities from coast to coast, including Victoria.

So if you have a security camera anywhere in your home, be sure to update the password to stop websites like uploading videos of you and your family!

There are about 11 cameras based out of Victoria that are viewable on the website.

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