That jump! 🤘 The Wild at day two of Laketown Rock in Cowichan Valley (Colin Smith Photography )

We experienced Laketown Rock Festival firsthand, and here’s what it’s really like!

As we drove up to the campsite on a bright – and frankly, very hot – Saturday morning, we could almost taste the buzz of excitement around us.

We setup our tent, surrounded by hundreds of similar tents and RVs, with people sitting around with their friends and families, drinking beer and soaking up some Vitamin D.

An hour of exploring the campsite, and we were off to see the actual festival!

The air was fragrant with the smell of pine needles and poutine as we entered the Flats Stage first (19+ only, kids!)

We got there in time to see about a hundred people jamming out to Sweetaction, while some others took advantage of the one-wheel skateboard action they had set up by the side of the stage.

Despite the scorching 3PM heat, a large crowd gathered at the main stage to jam out to the musical stylings of Victoria’s very own Stinging Belle!

Stinging Belle

They were followed up by The Wild! – the perfect band to build up some more hype for the crowd.

The Wild

At this point, we got pretty hungry and decided to check out the food truck scene across from the main stage.

Food Trucks

Not only were the food trucks full of tantalizing delicacies, but this was the perfect spot to mingle!

Just pick a chair around one of the large tables and start talking to the person next to you – instant friend!

But of course, we headed back to the rock pit as soon as we could – there’s no way we’d miss Prism and Trooper’s performances.


By this time, the audience had filled up the entire field, and the twilit evening clearly showed the vibrant mix of all ages, jamming out to the same music – time seemed to have stopped.

And as light turned to dark, the main stage lit up to host the headliners of Saturday – Loverboy!


Their performance full of obvious hits was complimented by an equally dazzling light show on stage.

It was a night to remember, even more so after Loverboy’s gracious encore.

We can’t wait for what today has in store!

All photos by Victoria Buzz photographer, Colin Smith Photography.