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9 local comedy shows you’ve been missing out on in Victoria

Written by Alistair Ogden


Victoria has a burgeoning underground comedy scene, with local stand-up comedians, sketch comics, and improvisers all produce hilarity on a weekly basis.

Here are a few of the shows you might not have realized are happening around town.

1 – Hecklers

Victoria’s era as a two-comedy-club city came to an end with the closure of Yuk Yuk’s in November, so Hecklers Bar & Grill remains the #1 place to see a comedy in town. Each weekend features great professional comics from Canada and the US. Upcoming comics include John Cullen (May 26 & 27), Patrick Maliha (June 2 & 3) and Alex Nussbaum (June 9 & 10).

  • Who: Professional Comedians
  • What: Stand-up comedy
  • Where: Hecklers Bar & Grill 123 Gorge Rd E
  • When: Every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm
  • How Much: $14, call in advance to reserve.

2 – Phillips Comedy Night

Victoria’s most popular weekly selection of local comics can be found in the comfy confines of The Mint restaurant. Week to week, the lineup changes, with headliners ranging from local legends such as Wes Borg and Sean Proudlove to touring comedians like Mike Delamont and Simon King. This show is the place to be, as evidenced by its regular sold out audiences. Make sure you buy your ticket in advance and get there early to get a good seat.

3 – The Select Show

Whether you’re looking for an affordable non-open-mic evening of comedy, or your interest was peaked by a top performer at the Monday Mic, the Select Show is where you should spend your Thursday. Shane Priestley, one of Victoria’s funniest people, hosts a lineup packed with local talent, also featuring monthly roast battles.

  • Who: A selection of Victoria’s top comics, hosted by Shane Priestley
  • What: Stand-up comedy
  • Where: Hecklers Upstairs a.k.a Ratfish Comedy 123 Gorge Rd E
  • When: Every Thursday at 8:00 pm
  • How Much: $5 at the door

4 – The Mash

If you’re a fan of podcasts, panel shows, or comedy in general, you’ll want to check out The Mash. Drew Farrance hosts and moderates while two teams of comics try to out-funny each other with takes on current events. This is the hilarious local look at the news you didn’t know you needed.

  • Who: A selection of Victoria’s top comics, hosted by Drew Farrance
  • What: A live panel-show
  • Where: The Mint 1414 Douglas St
  • When: Sunday, June 11th at 7 pm. Continuing on the second Sunday of every month.
  • How Much: $7 Buy tickets online

5 – Underground Comedy Collective

If you’re looking for a more eclectic mix of comedic formats, Thursdays at Paparazzi have you covered. Improviser and stand-up comic Daniel Belkin hosts and features along with improvisers from the community, members of Vikes Improv, and a stand-up comedian or two. The show occurred on a weekly basis from January through March but will return in monthly instalments later this summer.

6 – Ratfish Monday Mic

Whether you just want a glimpse of the local scene or have a hankering to try comedy yourself, this open mic is a great introduction to the Victoria comedy scene. A mix of top comics trying out new material, rookies finding their feet onstage, and strange characters telling rambling stories, Ratfish is a wildly different show from week to week.

With up to 20 comics performing in back to back 3-minute slots, the overall quality of the show is unpredictable but laughs are guaranteed.

  • Who: Anyone who signs up
  • What: Stand-up comedy
  • Where: Hecklers Upstairs a.k.a Ratfish Comedy, 123 Gorge Rd E
  • When: Every Monday at 8 pm
  • How Much: $5 at the door, or free for performers


7 – Sunday Smokeshow Comedy Jam

If you’re 420-friendly and looking for a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon, look no further. Situated in a smoke-filled dispensary, this show is unlike anything else in town. Smokeshow Sunday begins with a smoke-out and musical jam sesh featuring the Spliff Personalities, then – when everyone is starting to feel giggly – the open mic begins.

  • Who: Anyone who signs up, hosted by Quincy Thomas
  • What: Music and stand-up comedy
  • Where: The Green Ceiling 1625 Quadra St
  • When: The first and third Sundays of every month. Music at 4:20 pm, comedy at 6:00 pm.
  • How Much: $5 for comedy, $10 if you come early for the music, with plenty of opportunities to win dispensary products throughout.

8 – Improv Cabaret

Each month Paper Street Theatre and the VEC put on a showcase of the best of Victoria’s improv, featuring a different mix of Paper Street cast members and improvisers every time. If stand-up isn’t quite your cup of tea but you still want to spend an evening laughing, the Improv Cabaret is a great option.

  • Who: Produced by Paper Street Theatre and the Victoria Event Centre
  • What: Improvisational Comedy
  • Where: Victoria Event Centre 1415 Broad St
  • When: The first Sunday of every month, 8 pm
  • How Much: $10 at the door

9 – The Bad Mama Jama

Given that this show is a one time only event, you haven’t technically missed out on it yet, and so I have to give it an honourable mention for this list. Hosted by Quincy Thomas and featuring three of Victoria’s best comics in a unique, intimate venue, this show promises to have all of the music and laughs of a Smokeshow Sunday, but with more focused comics and less smoky haze obscuring the stage.

  • Who: Quincy Thomas, Evan Mumford, Daniel Belkin, Chelsea Lou
  • What: Music and stand-up
  • Where: Vinyl Envy 1717 Quadra St
  • When: Friday, June 2nd, 2017
  • How Much: $10 at Vinyl Envy


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