When I saw what happened on Victoria Buzz (the incident over the naked gardener picture), I was confused, surprised, and curious as to what drives us to the place where a little side boob and butt cheek can shut down a community page without warning.

It’s a serious question.

The naked body has become central in the fight for women’s rights. What we wear or don’t wear seems to be a hot topic of debate. Still, women are ignoring the voices telling us to cover up and finding empowerment for sharing our bodies: we’ve protested Facebook’s nudity policies, disabled and plus sized women are posing to showcase the beauty of their sexuality, we’ve even seen female nudity used as political commentary.

But while mentalities are shifting, and the women’s rights movement is breaking new ground, there is still a long way to go.

Our neighbours to the south recently passed the MacArthur-Meadows healthcare Amendment. If you aren’t familiar with it, the Amendment labels rape, postpartum depression, domestic violence, and other ridiculously common conditions like c-sections, as preexisting conditions that exempt those women from receiving medical care.

Women are still fighting for the right to make a decision about, and access care for their bodies.

As a woman, and a Canadian, I find this appalling. Our Country prides itself on universal healthcare and the inclusion of genders. For the first time in our history we have a cabinet that’s 50% female—when asked about this, our Premier so eloquently replied, “Because is 2015.”

But do Canadian women really have the same rights as our men do?

The incident with Victoria Buzz has me wondering. A quick search on Facebook, using words like “sexuality” “nudity” “inappropriate” reveal many images of men I would assume violate Facebook’s community standards, and yet they’re still there.

But somehow we hear countless cases of breastfeeding photos or artistic female nudity being removed, and accounts shut down without warning.

It leaves me wondering: Is the situation on Victoria Buzz a reflection of our Country’s leftover traditional roots? Is this a one-off case or an undercurrent of misogyny? Is female nudity in any amount and any form offensive?

No, seriously, I’m asking.

I know where I stand, but I want to know your opinions on all this. Let’s start a respectful dialogue below, please share your thoughts, experiences and take the time to listen to other’s perspectives.


Rebecca Sky
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