Several people didn't like this photo - not blurred of course - and reported it to Facebook as spam, which resulted in us being blocked from feeds for a week.

Here we have it folks – the unexpected and almost humorous flip side of social media activism!

Yesterday we posted an article about World Naked Gardening day. For the most part, you guys seemed to love the quirky and free-spirited nature of what it’s all about.

But a few people took offense to the title photo (despite the fact that it didn’t actually show any upfront nudity) and reported the post.

Fair enough, we get that we can’t please everyone at the same time – plus after all, every page has its fair share of social media trolls, and we’d be very surprised if we had none.

What did shock us though is the fact that Facebook actually took those reports seriously, and we have been banned from appearing on people’s News Feeds for a whole week.

We even tried appealing the ban to Facebook, but to no avail. It turns out; this social media giant has no way for businesses to contact them via email or phone.

But for all the complaining, we do still love Facebook – after all, we were born in it; molded by it. And we’re fighting tooth and nail to get back in the game.

So don’t despair, fellow Victorians! Your city’s largest online community and platform will be back to grace your news feeds starting May 11th.

Until then, we will continue posting articles and updates on our Facebook page, and we’ve created a group so that you won’t miss a thing.

Click here to join, and we can’t wait to see you there!

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