Some tourists in Richmond, B.C. got a bit of a scare when a sea lion grabbed a little girl and dragged her into the water at the Steveston wharf on Saturday.

Richmond resident Michael Fujiwara captured the dramatic scene on video which shows a California sea lion grabbing a young girl by the dress and dragging her into the water.

Fujiwara was on the dock when he saw the large male sea lion approach, so he started filming it as a crowd gathered around the animal.

He says a family began feeding it bread crumbs while the young girl got close to the edge of the dock.

At one point, the sea lion lunges within inches of the little girl’s face. With the girl just two feet away and sitting on the water’s ledge, the sea lion leapt halfway out of the water and bit on her dress, pulling her into the water in a split second.

A man believed to be a relative of the young girl jumps in after her, and bystanders pull them to safety.

Fortunately, the young girl was not injured and she and her rescuer were able to walk away on her own after being pulled out of the water.

The family quickly walked away from the area without saying much.

Warning: Some readers might find this video disturbing.

Video not playing? Click here to watch.

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