With today's security systems, you can receive instant alerts directly to your phone when an unexpected activity occurs in your home or business.

Imagine being able to control and monitor every aspect of your home or business with one simple app – the lights, the temperature, even the front door.

Sounds like a standard smart-home system, right?

But what if it came in the form of a security system that gave you the ultimate level of security from intruders, fires, flooding, a swarm of killer raccoons, and practically anything else you can think of short of a full-blown apocalypse?

Now what if I told you that you could probably afford it today?

The evolution of standard home and business security may have just reached its ultimate iteration, and it’s finally available to Victorians thanks to Security & Cellular Plus.

Their products and services have been high in demand, and here is why you should consider upgrading as well:

1 – Know who broke into your house and when

Never feel helpless or lost after a home intrusion again! With this system, you’ll be able to tell who broke into your house, which door they used, and exactly what time they used it at.

Security & Cellular Plus

2 – Be alerted when there’s an environmental hazard in the house

You and your family will be able to safely evacuate the house with plenty of time in case of fire, flood, or carbon monoxide leakage. And if you’re not at home, you won’t have to rely on your neighbours to find out if there’s something wrong in your own house – your phone will let you know whenever the alarms get triggered.

Security & Cellular Plus

3 – Never fumble for your keys in the dark again

No more waiting out on the dark front steps after a long night out! Once your house is equipped with this security system, it will be able to detect the presence of you and your phone in the vicinity and your front lights will automatically turn on to greet you home.

4 – It’s only $19.95-$39.95 a month!

When you sign on with Security and Cellular Plus, you’ll be getting all the features mentioned here and more for less than $20 a month! We couldn’t believe it either, but the price alone knocks all its competitors out of the park.

(Security & Cellular Plus)

5 – Lock/unlock your front door from anywhere in the world

Can’t remember if you locked the doors before heading out on that month-long vacation? No worries – just do it from your phone!

6 – Change the temperature in your home – also from anywhere in the world

Never again let your house turn into a furnace because of the weather outside. Your new home security/surveillance system will let you control the climate in your home with the tap of a smartphone screen.

7 – Never leave the garage door open again

Because your phone will remind you that you did it, and tell you to close it right up!

8 – Who’s ringing your doorbell in the middle of the night? Just check your phone to find out

The video surveillance system will be able to send your phone live footage of whoever’s standing at your doorstep when the bell rings (now there’s an easy way to avoid salespeople!).

9 – Do you own a business? Monitor every location with one device

Whether your business has 2 locations or 200, this system will cover them all! On top of all the other amazing features we mentioned above, it also keeps track of what your busiest hours in the day were, so you can maximize efficiency accordingly.

Click here to find out more information about the home security upgrade that may just end up saving your life.

Security & Cellular Plus


Security & Cellular Plus has been providing quality security services since 1989. Serving homes and businesses in Saskatoon and now Victoria, the wide array of options available will meet your every need. And with support every step of the way, our customer service, reliability, and expertise provide peace of mind.

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*The prices mentioned include a $10 discount per month for the first year. Lower prices also correspond with fewer features, however the highest possible price per month is still less expensive than the same product from a different provider. For more information, call 778-584-7587

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