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Over the past few decades, artwork on Canadian coins has become a source of pride in our currency.

But this year, the Royal Canadian Mint has stepped their game up to a whole new level.

As the Huffington post reported this morning, three million toonies released this year for the country’s 150th birthday have secret glow-in-the-dark capabilities.

The coins themselves are colourful and hard to miss. But when viewed in the dark, the image’s luminescent ink lights up an image of the Aurora Borialis.

Although the Mint released a limited edition glow-in-the-dark silver coin earlier this year, this toonie is the first of its kind to be released in circulation.

Design Contest Winner

Timothy and Steven Hsia originally won the design contest for the 150th-anniversary coin back in November 2016. They dedicated their Northern Lights-inspired creation to their grandfather, an avid coin collector.

There’s no word on whether the luminescence was the brainchild of the brothers or the Royal Canadian Mint. However, the Mint has a history of art-based innovation.

Back in 2004, the poppy-emblazoned quarters released for Remembrance Day brought a splash of colour so startling that some Americans suspected us of espionage.

Throught the past three decades, the Canadian Mint has won over two dozen awards for its incredible designs.

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