Ever wondered what words your fellow Canadians are struggling to spell? Google (as usual) has the answers.

Google Canada tweeted a map of Canada’s spelling woes last week, following Google Trends’ May 30th release of the United States’ most misspelled words.

From a silent “P” to Mary Poppins

Cascadians appear to have more than a landscape in common, with both Washingtonians and British Columbians unable to spell pneumonia.

Albertans, strangely, sought the most help with “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Perhaps beneath the province’s stampedes and oil sands, there’s a soft spot for Disney classics.

Other notable words include Ontario’s “colour” (presumably their presence beneath the 49th parallel has led to some confusion about dropping the “u”), New Brunswick’s workout-centric “elliptical”, and the Northwest Territories’ “facetious”.

Explore the maps below to see the rest of the spelling difficulties.

Curious about the most misspelled words from our friends down south:

America’s most misspelled words – it’s #spellingbee week and we mapped top “how to spell” searches by state (Google Trends)

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