Surrey’s Claire Eccles made history on Wednesday night, as she made her debut pitching against men at Victoria’s Royal Athletic Park. (Rich Lam / UBC Athletics)

The Victoria HarbourCats had over 60,000 fans pass through the Royal Athletic Park turnstiles last summer, once again leading the West Coast League in attendance.

But if you consider Greater Victoria has a population of over 350,000, and there are more than 700,000 of us on the Island, it must mean some people did not go to a ballgame last year.
And maybe some people have never been to a HarbourCats game, in the now five years they have been playing here.

So what’s a ball team to do to see if a few more new fans might love what they see on the field?

Well, the HarbourCats have teamed up with sponsor Columbia Fuels to offer brand new fans free tickets to their game this Monday night.

No charge, for anyone that’s never been to a game.  No catch, no test, a simple honesty policy at the box office.

Tell them you’ve never been to a HarbourCats game, and get in free.  Really.

It’s the HarbourCats versus the brand-new-to-the-league Port Angeles Lefties, this Monday, June 12th, 6:35pm at Royal Athletic Park on Caledonia at Cook.

Brand new fans more than welcome.

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