Dog Fireworks

There will be no shortage of festivities in Victoria for us all to enjoy this weekend. With fireworks displays all over the region, Friday and Saturday night promises to be a loud, celebratory occasion.

But along with enjoying the noise, it’s important to remember our furry friends too.

Each year, the noise of fireworks inevitably spooks dogs and some even go missing. To help prevent that this year, here are a few tips we’ve compiled from the SPCA.

Leave pets at home

  • While you may think it would be fun to bring your dog to the festivities, they may not share your view.
  • The strange sights, sounds, and crowds can cause a normally friendly dog to bite if it feels scared or threatened.
  • A quiet night at home with their favourite toys and treats would probably suit them much better.

Keep them inside

  • Muffle the noise of crowds and fireworks and prevent animals from escaping by closing windows and drawing the curtains.
  • Some pets do better in a separate room with the radio or television on to mask the sound of fireworks.
  • Be sure to leave plenty of toys in the room for your pet so that he doesn’t think he’s being isolated as a punishment.


  • Make sure your pet is wearing identification, especially if they don’t have permanent ID, like a microchip or a tattoo.
  • Dogs and cats may try to run away if they feel threatened. Clear, current identification is your best chance to have them returned to you.

For more info, check out the SPCA’s page.

Hopefully, with these tips, both you and your pet will be able to spend Canada Day healthy, happy, and at home.

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