We’ve all had hellish moments on our morning commute.

Running late for work, coupled with slow traffic and aggressive drivers can make tempers run high.

On May 31, those circumstances almost led one feisty pair of drivers to turn their minor dispute turn into a major conflict.

Caught on dashcam by Kelli No, the two drivers can be seen jockeying for position on the Trans-Canada Highway on-ramp.

A van driver refuses to let a smaller car merge ahead of him, leading the pair to swerve across one another.

After a minute of the two cars cutting each other off, the van driver exits his vehicle and confronts the smaller car.

He appears to yell into the passenger window. However, the YouTube video lacks audio, so his comments remain a mystery.

Watch Below:

This incident comes on the heels of another road rage incident in Saanich. In that video, two men threw multiple punches before another motorist broke them apart.


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